4x4 Rentals

4x4 Rentals

100% Street Legal Carts

Golf Cart Rentals Just Got A Massive Upgrade

  • 100% Street Legal

    Traditional Golf Carts are limited to roads posted 25mph and under, but not these carts! They can be taken on any road at any time. Now you can go try that new restaurant, check out new shops, or just enjoy a ride without limitations.

  • Off-Road Ready

    Want to get off the pavement and into nature? Add the Off-Road package and explore some of Northwest Florida's most beautiful forests near County Road 30A.

  • More Capable

    Rent the Six Seater Cart with the bed in the back and you can tote more family, more friends, and much more gear. Less trips from the house to the beach means more time relaxing and soaking up the sun!

Your New Adventure Starts Here!

Ride in Style – Ride Free – Ride Anytime

  • What you'll need to book:

    Drivers will need to be at least 21 years old and provide a credit card.

  • Delivery

    Included in 24hr or longer rentals. For 2, 4, & 8 hour rentals we charge $50 or you can pick up the cart at our store.

  • Service Area

    All of 30A, Destin, and Miramar Beach.

Let's Have Some Fun!

Ride in Style – Ride Free – Ride Anytime

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